Creating Nonbinary Characters

A great article on writing non-binary characters, editor decisions, and non-human characters

The Home of Author Loren Rhoads

IMG_3905When I started creating the characters for the Templar novels, I knew I wanted the crew of the Veracity to include a variety of different sorts of people. Mykah, the human captain with his topiary facial hair, came to me first. His blue-furred Haru girlfriend came easily, too. The other two characters — Haoun and Vezali – were inspired by an iguana and an coconut octopus at the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.  One of the things I wanted to do with my nonhuman characters was to defy expectations.

In The Dangerous Type, Vezali’s translator has a metal-inflected voice. The other crew members on the Veracity use female pronouns to refer to Vezali, so Raena does, too. In the second book, Raena comments on the high-pitched girlish voice of Vezali’s new translator.

The new translator gave her a high-pitched girlish voice, which Raena guessed must be pleasing to Vezali’s auditory system…

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