Update 2016

A quick update from Dawn H Hawkes, just in case you wondered where she’d gone:

Dawn H. Hawkes's blog

Hey guys, time for an update.

The last month has been crazy busy. After Christmas/New Years I’ve moved, started on my masters degree, gotten a new part-time job (besides the writing, of course) and I’m still getting my s**t together. But I’m still here! And hopefully things will flow better now. 🙂

First, Rooster and Pig update. I’ve gotten some more information and the edits on my books are a go again – there’s been some back and forth with editors and such due to the amount of books that’s been submitted vs the amount of editors, where some have taken on too much. Of course, the holidays slows everything down, but there have also been some health issues and rearrangement of positions in the company. For the moment they’ve closed the submissions at the company to allow for them to catch up. Won’t be a problem when it comes…

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What’s Going On…

NJ Nielsen’s plans for March….

N.J. Nielsen /Saddington

WIPSI’m not going to go into the woes that is currently my life… A) because I don’t really want to talk about it… and B) You don’t really want to hear about it. So instead I thought I would talk about my writing and what the hell I’m going to do to catch up on everything that needs doing for the rest of 2016…
Right now I’m working on these two and hoping to have them mostly finished by the end of March.

Moon Runners 2:I Won’t Let You Go


Lancaster’s Way 3:Pre- Loved

I will do as many of the Penny Brandon Writing Challenge books… they will all or mostly be written and subbed, but may be in waiting lists to be released. I’ve change it up some so that I’m only working on already contracted series

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