Alison Reviews: Book, Line, and Sinker by LJ LaBarthe

Definitely a recommended read!!

Title: Book, Line, and Sinker
Author: LJ LaBarthe

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 200
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Australiana
Kisses: 5

Source: Alison Reviews: Book, Line, and Sinker by LJ LaBarthe




Food for thought about what people think of the people around them and who those people really are

Autism and Expectations

You don’t look autistic.

Yes I do.

You don’t act autistic though.

Yes I do.

Yeah, but you’re not like “properly” autistic.

Yes I am.

You can make eye contact.

Yes I can.

You don’t flap all the time.

I do at birds.

You flap at birds?

I flap at birds.

Why do you flap at birds?

It would be rude not to wave at them when they wave at me.

That’s a bit weird.

Is it?

But you don’t do all that proper stimming and stuff, do you? Or do you?

Every day. Most moments of every day. See this?

Looks like a tiny bead mat.

Yup. I made it, I made lots of them, for when I lose them. I get distracted easily.

Can I have a go?

Go for it.

It feels nice.

It feels essential.

Why do you do it?

I’m an addict.

But it’s not…

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