Talking Writing

Some great advice on writing the first draft of a story.

N.J. Nielsen /Saddington

20151022_083954Writing a story is different for everyone… no two authors write exactly the same. Sometimes I wish I could write like so many of the people I admire, but then, if I could I wouldn’t be me.

I often admire they way other authors explain stuff… and try and emulate the way that they do things—without coming off like I’m stuck in description mode. The truth is, I get so caught up in the dialogue I most often forget to describe the setting at all… Thank God for beta readers and editors.

Writing can be very time consuming… so set yourself daily wordage quotas… For me I usually divide the ultimate wordage for the story by the number of days to give me my daily quota EG:40,000 / 30 = 1,333.333333 (1,334) daily count. This might not wrk for everyone but I know it works for me… in me…

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