Fantasy Reviews

High Fantasy

Ankh, Alana : Beyond the Rift [Elemental Lovers #1]

Argent, Sam : Family of Lies

Bain-Vrba, Kayla :


Words of Divinity

Carter, Isabella : Dragon Slayer

Beyond-the-Rift  Family-of-Lies  Nobility  Words-of-Divinity  Dragon-Slayer

Derr, Megan : The High King’s Golden Tongue (2nd Ed.)

Durreson, Amy Rae :

Lord Heliodor’s Retirement

Reawakening : dragons!!

Garcia, S.A. : Canes and Scales (2nd Ed.)

Glassman, Shira : The Second Mango [Mangoverse #1]

The-High-Kings-Golden-Tongue  Lord-Heliodors-Retirement  Reawakening  Canes-and-Scales  The-Second-Mango

Gordon, Andrew Q. : The Last Grand Master (2nd Ed.)

Hedley, Anna : Barren

North, Melissa : The Gravemen

MacLeod, Mina : Swords, Sorcery and Sundry

Rook, Spencer : The Mask Maker

The-Last-Grand-Master  Barren  The-Gravemen-North  Swords-Sorcery-and-Sundry  Mask-Maker

Skye, S.S. : High and Mighty

X, Sulayman : Tears of a Dragon

High-and-Mighty  Tears-of-a-Dragon

Portal Fantasy

Ivey, Felicitas : Dreamlands

Quinton, Chris : Greymalkin [Melusine’s Cats # 1]

Mahoney, K.M. : Cody’s Dragon [A Dragon’s Treasure #1]

Samuels, Lyssa : King Merek and the Mechanic [Love’s Diamond #1]

Dreamlands  King-Merek-Mechanic  Greymalkin-Quinten  Codys-Dragon