Favourite Authors

My list of favourites is rather ecclectic, and the authors may be added for completely different reasons. I’ve tried to divide them into some groups to make it easier for readers to work out who’d they be interested in (no insult intended). These authors are only a few of those permanently on my ereader, and many I’ve done reviews on. The writers may or may not write LGBTQ inclusive stories, but usually do.

The lists are in alphabetical order by first name, and will continually be added to.

My Auto-Buy List:

(enough said)

Amy Rae Durreson

Website     ¦     Twitter     ¦     Goodreads
Dreamspinner Press    ¦     DSP Publications     ¦     Also Self-Publishes via AReFree Reads: In Heaven And Earth    ¦    The Court of Lightning     ¦     The Lodestar of Ys

Angel Martinez

Website     ¦     Facebook     ¦     Twitter     ¦     Goodreads
Dreamspinner Press     ¦     Mischief Corner Books     ¦     MLR Books    ¦     Pride Publishing    ¦     Wilde City PressAs Sandra Stixrude
Website     ¦     Goodreads     ¦     MCB

Cheyenne Meadows

Blog     ¦     Facebook     ¦     Goodreads
Dreamspinner Press     ¦     Fireborn Publishing     ¦     Totally Bound     ¦     Pride Publishing

J.L. Langley

Website     ¦     Twitter     ¦     Goodreads
LooseID     ¦     MLR Press

Lexi Ander

Website     ¦     Blog     ¦     Facebook     ¦     Twitter     ¦     Goodreads     ¦     Tumblr     ¦     Pinterest
Fireborn Publishing     ¦    Less Than Three Press     ¦     Also Self-Published via ARe
Free Reads:     Darksoul: Part One     ¦     Salvaging Toby’s Heart     ¦     Playing For Keeps

Lyn Gala

Website     ¦     Goodreads
Dreamspinner Press     ¦     DSP Publications     ¦     LooseID
Free Read: The Spy and His Boy

Megan Derr

Website     ¦     Blog     ¦     Twitter     ¦     Goodreads     ¦     Tumblr
Less Than Three Press     ¦     OmniLit/ARe     ¦     Self-Published via ARe     ¦     Free Stories

R. Cooper

Website     ¦     Goodreads
Dreamspinner Press

Valentina Heart

Website     ¦     Facebook     ¦     Twitter     ¦     Goodreads
Dreamspinner Press     ¦    Less Than Three Press     ¦     LooseID     ¦     Pride Publishing     ¦     Rooster & Pig Publishing
Free Read: Only Mine


Highly Recommended Reads:

(consistently write good stories)

Brenna Lyons

Website     ¦     Facebook     ¦     Goodreads
Coming Together      ¦    Fireborn Publishing     ¦     Logical-Lust Publications     ¦     Mundania Press     ¦     OmniLit/ARe     ¦     Phaze     ¦     Under the Moon     ¦     Also Self-Published
Free Reads available at Fireborn Publishing

G.A. Aiken

Website     ¦     Goodreads
As Shelley Laurenston:     Website     ¦     Goodreads

Mercedes Lackey

Website     ¦     Twitter     ¦     Goodreads
Probably most famous for her Valdemar series

N.J. Nielsen

Website     ¦     Facebook     ¦     Twitter     ¦     Goodreads
Fireborn Publishing     ¦     MLR Press     ¦     Pride Publishing     ¦     Also Self-Published
Free Reads:     Trying Not To Love You     ¦     Hollow’s Trouble     ¦     Blokes in Love

N.R. Walker

Website     ¦     Facebook     ¦     Twitter     ¦     Goodreads
Pride Publishing     ¦     Also Self-Publishes at BlueHeart Press
Free Stories


Other Recommeded Reads:

A.B. Gayle

Website     ¦     Goodreads
Dreamspinner Press     ¦     Totally Bound     ¦     Wayward Ink Publishing
Free Reads     ¦     Blokes in Love

Anne McCaffrey

Website     ¦     Goodreads
Probably most famous for her Dragonflight series

Caitlin Ricci

Website     ¦     Facebook     ¦     Twitter     ¦     Goodreads
Afternoon Delight Publishing     ¦     Devine Destinies     ¦     Dreamspinner Press     ¦     eXtasy Books     ¦     Fireborn Publishing     ¦     Harmony Ink Press     ¦     Less Than Three Press     ¦     Storm Moon Press     ¦     Totally Bound     ¦     Out in Colorado
Free Read:      Christmas Delights

Chris Quinton

Website     ¦     Blog     ¦     Goodreads
Dreamspinner Press     ¦    Fireborn Publishing     ¦     Love Lane Books     ¦     Manifold Press
Also Self-Publishes as Kouros Books on Smashwords, ARe, and Amazon

Kim Fielding

Website     ¦     Twitter     ¦     Goodreads
Dreamspinner Press     ¦     DSP Publications     ¦     Wayward Ink Publishing
Free Reads:     The Downs     ¦     Guarded     ¦     Inhaling Smoke     ¦     Treasure

S.A. Welsh

Website     ¦     Twitter     ¦     Goodreads
eXtasy Books     ¦     Pride Publishing

Sui Lynn

Website     ¦     Blog     ¦     Twitter     ¦     Goodreads
Dreamspinner Press


Great to Relax With:

Dawn H. Hawkes

Website     ¦     Twitter     ¦     Goodreads
Rooster & Pig Publishing     ¦     Siren Publishing

Laura Baumbach

Website     ¦     Goodreads
MLR Press

L.M. Brown

Website     ¦     Facebook     ¦     Twitter     ¦     Goodreads
Fireborn Publishing     ¦     Pride Publishing

 Mell Eight

Website     ¦     Blog     ¦     Twitter     ¦     Goodreads
Less Than Three Press

R.J. Scott

Website     ¦     Facebook     ¦     Twitter     ¦     Goodreads     ¦     Tumblr
Dreamspinner Press     ¦     Love Lane Books     ¦     MLR Press
Free Read:      Christmas Delights

Hollis Shiloh

Blog     ¦     Goodreads
Self-Published via Spare Words Press on ARe, Smashwords, Kobo, and Amazon
Free Read:      Christmas Delights

Silvia Violet

Website     ¦     Facebook     ¦     Twitter     ¦     Goodreads
Changeling Press     ¦     Dreamspinner Press     ¦     LooseID     ¦     MCB     ¦     Pride Publishing     ¦     Also Self-Published on ARe
Free Reads:     Website     ¦     Changeling Press

T.A. Chase

Website     ¦     Twitter     ¦     Goodreads
MLR Press     ¦     Pride Publishing

Heavy Reads:

(complex storylines or highly emotional plots, or both)

August Li

DSP Publishing     ¦     Harmony Ink Press     ¦     Phaze     ¦     Wilde City Press
Free Stories: The Union of Sun and Moon    ¦     Bright Water, Dark Sky

Felicitas Ivey

Website     ¦     LiveJournal Blog     ¦     Dreamwidth Blog     ¦     Goodreads
Dreamspinner Press     ¦     DSP Publications

Freddy MacKay

Website     ¦     Blog     ¦     Twitter     ¦     Goodreads
Mischief Corner Books (MCB)     ¦     Wilde City Press

Kendall McKenna

Website     ¦     Blog     ¦     Facebook     ¦     Twitter     ¦     Goodreads
MLR Press     ¦     Pride Publishing     ¦     Also Self-Published

Scarlet Blackwell

Website     ¦     Facebook     ¦     Twitter     ¦     Goodreads    ¦     Smashwords
Decadent Publishing     ¦     Evernight Publishing     ¦     eXtasy Books     ¦     Pride Publishing     ¦     Untreed Reads     ¦      Self Published as Scarlet Books
Free Reads

T.N. Tarrant

Facebook     ¦     Goodreads
Dreamspinner Press     ¦     Fireborn Publishing     ¦     Rooster & Pig Publishing


For Something a Little Different:


Aldous Mercer

Website     ¦     Facebook     ¦     Twitter     ¦     Goodreads
DSP Publications    ¦     Self Published on Smashwords
Free Reads

Anel Viz

Goodreads    ¦     Wilde Oats

Christian Baines

Website     ¦     Faceboook     ¦     ¦     Twitter     ¦     Goodreads
Bold Strokes Books     ¦     Wilde City Press
Puppet Boy     ¦     The Beast Without

Meredith Katz

Website     ¦     Twitter     ¦     Goodreads
Less Than Three Press

S.A. Garcia

Website     ¦     Twitter     ¦     Goodreads
Dreamspinner Press     ¦     Harmony Ink Press     ¦     MLR Press
An Elf For All Centuries     ¦     Canes and Scales
Free Read:      Christmas Delights

T.J. Klune

Blog     ¦     ¦     Twitter     ¦     ¦     Goodreads
Dreamspinner Press     ¦     DSP Publications     ¦     ¦     Wilde City Press
Crack the Darkest Sky Wide Open     ¦     The Lightning-Struck Heart     ¦


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