Paranormal / Urban Fantasy Reviews

Anthony, Shira : Stealing the Wind [Mermen of Ea #1]

Cain, Alice : Liam’s Unexpected Alpha

Chase, Lex : Loving & Loathing Vegas

Colton, Rob : Enforcer [Timber Pack Chronicles #2]

Evans, Gabrielle : Four-Letter Words [Haven #8]

Stealing-the-Wind  Liams-Unexpected-Alpha  Loving-Loathing-Vegas  Enforcer  Four-Letter-Words

Gala, Lyn : Urban Shaman (crime)

Martinez, Angel : Canines, Crosshairs and Corpses [Brandywine Investigations #1]

Meadows, Cheyenne : Friends with Benefits (humour)

Medina, Marie : The Vampire’s Kiss

Noon, A. Catherine & Wilder, Rachel : Burning Bright [Chicagoland Shifters #1]

Urban-Shaman  Canines-Crosshairs-Corpses  Friends-with-Benefits  The-Vampires-Kiss  Burning-Bright

Olteano, Liv : A Tooth for a Fang

Welsh, S.A. : Blind Under the Moon [Blood Moon Pack Alliance #1]

Tooth-For-A-Fang  Blind-Under-the-Moon