I’ve made a list publishers, and the reasons each is included is detailed on this page.


Fireborn Publishing
Romance in any sub-genre and with any pairing (hetero or LGBTQIA, including poly/menage). As a co-op, Fireborn Publishing is a staff-owned business with a cooperative mindset. The collective owners put the authors first, the growth of the company and reader relationship second, and themselves last.
Fireborn Publishing is the only publisher I regularly work for.


Clan Destine Press
An Australian publisher of genre fiction (crime, mystery, historical fiction, thrillers, adventure, speculative fiction, fantasy, science fiction, horror, urban fantasy, paranormal, steampunk, etc) for Adults and Young Adults. Clan Destine Press novels are straight, gay, queer, ancient, contemporary, gothic, retro, post-apocalyptic, earthbound and/or galactic. Their prime objective is to uncover, foster and promote new Australian genre writers and to provide a home where already-published authors can move in and play in new worlds.


Jaffa Books
An Australian publisher of spec-fic (speculative fiction) stories. They also publish furry fiction through their Jaffur line.


Dreamspinner Press
LGBTQIA romance in ebook, print, audiobook, and translations in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Turkish and Hungarian.


DSP Publications
LGBTQIA genre fiction in ebook and print.


Harmony Ink Books
LGBTQIA Teen and New Adult stories in ebook and print.


Less Than Three Press
LGBTQ romance in ebook, print, and audiobook.