Speculative Fiction Reviews


Arden, Blaine D. : Aliens, Smith and Jones

Cain, Alice : Alien Attraction

Mercer, Aldous : The Prince and The Program (2nd Ed.)

Aliens-Smith-Jones  Alien-Attraction  The-Prince_and-the-Program


Ford, Rhys : Black Dog Blues

Kasey, Lissa : Hidden Gem [Hidden Gems #1]

LaBarthe, LJ : Song of Song

Martinez, Angel : Rarely Pure and Never Simple

Black-Dog-Blues  Hidden-Gem  Song-of-Song  Rarely-Pure-Never-Simple

Ricci, Caitlin : Being Wanted (post apocalyptic)



Andor, Talya : Signal to Noise

Barnette, Michael : The Prince He Loved

Burn, K.C. : Voodoo ‘n’ Vice [Galactic Alliance #3]

Durreson, Amy Rae : In Heaven And Earth (free)

Gala, Lyn : Turbulence

Signal-to-Noise  Prince-He-Loved  Voodoo-n-Vice  In-Heaven-Earth  Turbulence-Gala

Garcia, S.A. : A Moon Too Far

Gregg, Kari : An Unauthorized Field Guide to the Hunt

Hana, M.C. : Moro’s Price

Ladnier, Aidee : The Klockwerk Kraken

Olteano, Liv : Sandstorm Heart [Space Files R #2]

A-Moon-Too-Far  An-Unauthorized-Field-Guide-Hunt  Moros-Price  Klockwork-Kraken  Sandstorm-Heart

Pelaam : Captive [Planet Alpha]

Power, Alex : Rangers Over Regulus

Captive-Pelaam  Rangers-Over Regulus


Fielding, Kim : The Border