The Confusion that is English

This page is for links to advice about the English language, whether it be common sayings and how they are often said/writting incorrectly, homonyms, or usage.


Homonyms and Confusing Words : a great list that is easy to navigate



Idiom vs. Cliché by Grammarly. When is it an idiom, and when is it cliché?

Shined vs Shone by Writing Explained (I’m afraid this is one subject I’ve had arguments about)

On Contractions in speech and writing, and when they first started being used in English. Fascinating read.

When to Leave Out “That” by Grammar Girl. Although a lot of people do prefer to cut all instances of “that”, sometimes I find it is necessary and here’s why.



~ Apostrophes ~ (as used for ’em, ‘course, etc):

Apostrophes and How to Use ’Em by The Grammar Sherpa.

Smart Quotes are Killing the Apostrophe, and how a software innovation doomed the inverted comma by Paul Lukas.

~ Semicolons ~

From The Oatmeal, How to Use a Semicolon, the most feared punctuation on Earth. Great, demonstrative cartoon.

Hyphens, en-dashes, and em-dashes, ellipses soon to come